Our architectural practice is informed by interests and pursuits in other art forms.The creative research involved in each influences the expression of the others. We allow each to speak and find ourselves in a spiral of constant conversation and learning which informs the entire practice.


“Open Mind” Maquette Stainless Steel (7′-6″h x 6′-0″w x 6′-0″d version currently being fabricated at UAP foundry)

“Piece of Mind” Maquette Stainless Steel (7′-6″h x 3′-0″w x 3′-0″d version currently being fabricated at UAP foundry)

“Camminare” Proposal. Piazza IX Aprile, Taorimina

“If You Meet the Buddha…” Wood, Steel

“Dichroia” Dichroic Glass. 12’x 3’x 1′-6″

Plaza Proposal Dichroic Glass, Steel 7′ x 16′ x 16′

“Corner Climber” Patinated Steel. 5′ x 1′ x 8″

“Joy’s Gate” Maquette for Proposal.  Steel.  Self supporting.    Full Size 21’x16’x18′

“Untitled”. Granite 24″x 8″x 8″

“Untitled” Antique wooden head, Gold Leaf. 14″x12″x6″

“Interwoven” 7’x 3’x 5′ Woven Willow, Steel, Water, Origami Paper. Collaborative with Moonbeam Marie Gardebring, Ellie Douglas, Sam Randall

“Shell Series” Shell, Copper, Stone

“Wonder” BeesWax, Paper, Wood 3’x 18″x 8″

“451” Patinated Steel, Charred Paper

Tensioned Bent Willow, Wire, and Rock Studies for Large Scale Sculptures

“Silence”. Willow, Steel, Meditation Cushion.   6’x6’x 2′


Photography is one tool of our research. Our architecture is founded upon a deep interest in humanism, how and why we live, individually and collectively. This parallels an ongoing interest in science and the natural world. The deep observation involved in the photographic process slows time and allows us to absorb the lessons and details which constantly surround us.

Light and Sky



People In Place

Natural Forms and Textures

Color and Detail