David Levitt leads the architectural firm of Levitt Architects based in Los Angeles, California and Boulder, Colorado. The firm is focused on creating modern residential architecture. We have completed projects in Los Angeles, Aspen, Boulder, and Philadelphia.


Architect’s Statement

Our firm’s work is a labor of love. Whether collaborating with clients to produce a shared vision or doing our own development work, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of artistry, design and construction.


We have always prioritized working with light as the most important ingredient in our palette of materials. Even more significant than brick, wood and plaster is the immaterial material of light. It shapes our rooms, reveals the character of building materials, and determines the emotional tenor of our spaces. The proper use of light, both natural and artificial, determines how we feel in a space. The quality of this feeling is our ultimate priority.

Spaces that Just Feel Good

Our spaces just feel good. This is our aim, our goal, and the ultimate litmus test of our success. We focus on the proportions of spaces, the texture and color of materials, and the quality of light, to bring our architecture to life.

Modern but Warm

One of the potential pitfalls of modern architecture is creating spaces that look great in magazines but feel cold and heartless in person. We create spaces with great geometries and WARMTH.

Bringing the Outside In

We do not see any distinction between designing the site and designing the residence. Our approach is to fully integrate interior and exterior spaces into a seamless, flowing, whole.

David is originally from Philadelphia, PA. He  he received his B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Cornell University and his Master of Architecture degree from Yale University. After working on large-scale civic, museum and cultural projects for the international firm of Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, David established the practice of Levitt Architects.